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Engaged Sweeper III
How can I invoke an alternate remote control agent rather the lsremote.exe which is often lags and takes forever to load? If we can just envoke another VNC agent or even better an agent like Screen Connect?
Engaged Sweeper III
Thank you for that. Since you're just using a modified version of uVNC, is there a supported method of just installing that lsremote agent on each workstation so we're not waiting for services to install upon each remote connection?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Some steps to try to increase the performance of our remote control tool called LsRemote can be found in this KB article. Setting up your own tool for performing remote controls is perfectly possible. This can be done under Configuration\Asset pages section Asset Actions. For example, this topic explains how to configure Dameware. Implementing Screen connect should also be possible but you will have to do some research on what parameters to use.

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