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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Community,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break!

I'd like to share some updates regarding our forum structure with you. We've recently undergone a cleanup of our label system to make it simpler to group posts based on similar topics. This is to ensure that labels accurately reflect the right content and to make it easier for you to find relevant information more efficiently. As a result of this cleanup, you'll notice some changes to the labels you use when creating posts. 

Product announcements section:  We also added a new section to centralize all updates from our teams to make it easier for you to catch up on latest developments, feature releases and product updates. You can access this section here Product Announcements - Lansweeper Community


Reports and Analytics forum: But that's not all! We've also introduced a brand-new forum dedicated to Reports and Analytics. This forum provides a platform for you to explore reports shared by others, contribute your own insights, and ask questions related to reporting with Lansweeper. Whether you're looking for guidance on generating specific reports or want to share your expertise with the community, this forum can help with both.

To access the Reports and Analytics forum , simply navigate to the "Forums" section of our community menu and select the "Reports and Analytics" forum. Here's a direct link to get you started.  Reports & Analytics - Lansweeper Community


Don't forget to subscribe/bookmark useful content (remember to sign in first) to receive notifications once new posts matching these labels are added. How to subscribe to a Community page - Lansweeper Community - 61187

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the changes, please reach out. We are here to assist in anyway we can.

Best regards,