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Engaged Sweeper III
Occasionally we have to trackdown computers that have been renamed, but only have the old computer name to search from(do not know the new name). Lansweeper will nicely add a comment that the computer was renamed etc.. Unfortunately search results for the old computer name do not return the new asset name. I'm guessing this is not possible? If not, does anyone know the table and field where the comments data is stored? May be able to query it..

Honored Sweeper II
According to the database documentation (View Database Documentation on the report editor), you want to link in tblAssetComments. The field tblAssetComments.Comment contains the "Renamed xxx to yyy" comments. If you add
tblAssetComments.Comment LIKE '%oldname%'
to your report, you should find what you're looking for. Or it's something you need once-in-a-while, don't bother with the WHERE condition and just type the old machine name in the tblAssetComments.Comment filter box at the top of the report column.