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Engaged Sweeper II

Good Morning,
I'd like to be able to have LanSweeper prompt for alternate credentials when running an Asset action. We'd like to login to LanSweeper using our regular user accounts (which have limited permissions on our domain, and certainly don't have admin rights on PCs) but when an asset action is executed, prompt to enter the username and password of our admin accounts.

Is anyone doing that currently? If so, could you share your solution?

Engaged Sweeper
I know this reply is late but you can install the shellrunas sys internal tool into your \system 32 folder and then add shellrunas infront of your action. example we use this command to auto launch dameware and prompt for and use your admin credentials to connect with.

shellrunas "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\DameWare Remote Support\DWRCC.exe" -c: -h: -m:{computer} -a:1
Engaged Sweeper III
Depending on the task, you could use Powershell "start-process" with the -credential parameter or use ShellRunAs.
Engaged Sweeper II
Not yet.
Engaged Sweeper
Have you been able to find a solution to this, I am in the same boat right now. So far I have this runas / {userdomain}:\admin.{username} but this runs the action as the last user of the PC.

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