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Engaged Sweeper

In Configuration > Asset Pages, I can't change the type in the Asset Custom fields section. Whenever I refresh the page, it reverts back to the previous value. However, I can edit the other parts of it without any issue.

Engaged Sweeper

It seems I couldn't express my point clearly.
The issue is not in the asset editing page.
The problem is in the "Configuration > Asset Pages"
In that section, when I want to set the type field to "ComboBox" it doesn't change and continues to remain as a "TextBox".

Screenshot from 2023-08-15 09-03-37.png

set Custom01 to ComboBox after refresh page returnto TextBox

Screenshot from 2023-08-15 09-20-47.png



Champion Sweeper

When you're editing the asset, is the box to the right Blue with the checkmark? If not, LanSweeper can rewrite your input.



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