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Engaged Sweeper
We have Aerohive/Extreme Wireless Access Points. They are filling the scanning error logs and I found they weren't being scanned. I set up SSH credentials to scan the APs and it would still error out. I configured SNMP on the APs, set the SNMP crendentials for scanning, and the asset still errors saying it couldn't scan with SSH (lists all SSH credentials it tried).

It doesn't even attempt to scan SNMP.

I set up WAPs to be excluded but unfortunately these come in as Linux.

I just need these off the scanning errors report. I edited the Assets to "dont show" state but it just changes back to active after they're scanned again
Engaged Sweeper II
How long is your community string if its longer then 10 characters it might not work. I was having a hard time scanning unifi switches and APs. It was giving me SSH credential errors. Did you try using the connection tool. here is a link they may help.