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Helpdesk tab not loading

We just recently tried to upgrade from an older version of LanSweeper to a new one but it had a whole lot of issues so we reverted back. Everything appears to work except helpdesk gives an error saying "The file '/helpdesk/helpdesk.master' does not e...

Scanning 4G Simcard info and IEMI windows 10

Hi all I am new to Lansweeper and I have done a search but couldn't find what I want to do. I want to be able to pickup Simcard Info and IEMI on our devices that we currently scan.We use Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise currentlyIf anyone could assist w...

Question about adding custom floor maps to Lansweeper

Hi everyone,I just recently started diving more deeply into Lansweeper and noticed that there is a "floor map" area (Default Location Map) under 'Asset Location'.Is there a way I can load a PDF or other file into Lansweeper and replace the default ma...

Helpdesk tab on user page missing

We have a user here who has opened helpdesk tickets, but when we go to his user page, the "helpdesk" tab is missing. IT works correctly for other users, just not him (so far, it may be more widespread)

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Installation Parameters

Is there a list of authorized parameters when installing a program? ie, silent install, eula. I want to install programs, without interrupting the user or have the screen show that there is a program being installed.

mkergan by Engaged Sweeper
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Uninstall Software - Mozilla Firefox

Hi Guys!Any help would be appreciated here.Essentially I want to uninstall Mozilla Firefox of certain machines using the Uninstall Software option, under Advanced Actions.I get so far and it asks for the uninstall command (which I think may be incorr...

User deletion requirements

Hi folks,Exactly what needs to be true (or not true) about any given user for me to be able to delete them via SQL maintenance tool? I am attempting to delete a bunch of users using the following statement: DELETE FROM htblusers WHERE email not like ...

hert6079 by Engaged Sweeper
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