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Engaged Sweeper III

we have some assets (e.g. access points) that have been listed as non-active.
I'm not really sure how that switch from active to non-active happened and when it happend (I'm not working with those on a regular basis). I read about the automatic cleanup and how you could rescan the assets to make them visible again.
August was the time we updated to a new lansweeper version which installed or updated the npcap driver / ethernet device by the way. I think there were two updates in that month, don't know if it is related to the problem. The time would fit the 90 day delay for the cleanup automation though.

Now we updated to the latest v.
I tried to rescan the assets and the scan attempt was changed to the current date. The device is still non-active though.

So the question is:
Do you need a successful scan to make and keep the device active and identify it clearly?
Does a successful ping (and the mac address) not work to make a device active (which was not scanned previously)?

On the server options page -> General section we enabled all three options to enable the cleanup after 90 days and make non-active assets avtive when they are rescanned.

I looked at the asset page and the last successful scan still is from August.
The ping status is green, but the device reports a scan issue and suggests to enable snmp to scan Cisco devices.
I guess that's fine. I did not test for snmp configuration on the lansweeper server or the access point specifically, but snmp was mostly disabled anyway. So this should not be a fault.

If we had some managed switches in our network and don't get access to those, do we scan the items and make them not affected by cleanup options to keep them active and thus listed in reports to keep items like accesspoints?

Best regards

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