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Engaged Sweeper
Under "Configuration -> User Access & Roles" it is possible to give Users privileges based on an Active Directory group.

We are using that feature already. Now we want to add a AD-group to an existing Lansweeper role. The challenge: The group is in a different AD-domain.

What I did (and did not work):
Under "Scanning -> Scanning Targets" I have added a new Scan (Type: Active Directory User/Group path). I entered a valid Ads path, which has security groups as child items.

I clicked on "Scan now" and the scan went trough without an error.

After that, I've expected that under "Configuration -> User Access & Roles" all AD-groups in the Adsi Path are visible when clicking on "Change groups" for an existing role. Unfortunately the groups are missing and I don't know why. Besides that, I have also tried to add the group as custom group but that did not work either.

I am sure that the AD-scanning is configured properly, because I can add users from this Domain via "Add AD Users".

Is there something I am missing or is this not possible with Lansweeper?

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