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Engaged Sweeper II

We have a need to automate reports based on our customers. As of today this is manually handled by creating custom reports. I would like that when we set up a new customer (unique domain) in lansweeper (scan or lspush) reports automaticially generates. The report will initially be fairly simple. We want assetID, domain, Warranty info, antivirus and MS OS key in that report based on domain and this goes for all the customers.

The widget "Windows Domain Overview" does almost this, the drawback is that I can't find a way to edit the report the widget generates to abvove demands. I have been reading a bit about making custom widgets. Is it possible to create a custom widget like Windows Domain Overview but alter the sql-query to fit our demands? Or does anyone have a better solution?

Best regards,
Björn Johansson
Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Charles,

Thanks for your answer. I have investigated the possbile solutions and the only way around it seems to create a custom widget and inserting a new DBobject row in the lansweeper database and call that object from the widget. I understand that it's not maybe the best practise but i can't find no other way to solve this demand.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
You can find a general explanation on how to create custom widgets here:

To be honest, I don't have a much experience with it myself so I can't help you much. But since the Windows domain overview is almost what you want, you could look into just modifying it.