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Active Directory Groups not scanned properly

Hi I have problem with scanning Active Directory Groups which are associated to AD users. I made some changes recently and do not see added AD Groups in AD USER card. I can see old AD Groups to which AD USER belongs but not the new ones.Does anybody ...

Ticket Content Default Value

HiI want to add a textarea in a ticket with a default value. Is it possible ?Example : If a employe quit and have mail i want a textearea with a text for automatic respond with blank to fill.

Admi960 by Engaged Sweeper
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New status to mimic Closed

We created a new status that we use for certain types of tickets, called PA Closed. We found that tickets in this status are still considered "active" by lansweeper. We would like them to be considered closed. Is there a way to mark a user created...

Anti-Virus on Mac

Hi Folks,Is there any way to detect if an Anti-Virus product is installed and its definitions up to date on an Apple Mac? The asset info for Windows machines makes it really easy, but I can't see this info on our Mac's.I could even live with running...

LSagent performance data

We have deployed the LSagent to the majority of our windows servers. We would like to pull perofmrnace data from them, but so far this does not seem possible with LSagent. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this one?Thanks

Resolved! Pass username as a parameter to a script.

New to Lansweeper and I have a question about scripts and commands aas used in Installers.Is it possible to pass a username to a script or command from a user?What I want to happen is to open the user's asset page, then pass their username to a scrip...

Madrilleno by Engaged Sweeper II
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How to set up a Cloud environment

Want to connect your current production installation of Lansweeper to the Cloud? We’ve documented everything you need to know about how you can connect your Lansweeper installation to the cloud in this knowledgebase article. Please try to use the lat...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Asset description while searching

For non-Windows assets we set a fixed description in the asset page.In the "all assets" page, the descriptions are displayed correctly.But we want also to have the description shown when starting to type the asset name in the search box.For Windows w...