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Champion Sweeper
We are going to try to implement Windows Hello to use the built in biometric scanner on our laptops for users to log in.
We want to first make sure all deployed laptops have this fingerprint scanner. How would I setup Lansweeper to scan computers for Biometric devices?
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

If your computers have a normal Windows installation we'd expect that Lansweeper should be able to scan it just like another Windows computer. We are not very familiar with Windows Hello, but although Lansweeper requires credentials to scan a computer, it does not actually login. The connection that Lansweeper uses to scan a computer are just remote queries that are sent to the computer to read WMI on the Windows computer. If this access is possible on your devices, the scan should possible.
Generally we recommend to check if your computers meet the Windows scanning requirements.

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