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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there

Just installed lansweeper and I'm testing it out for our company. It looks very promising but I'm encountering a few problems.
I can't access some devices while I can access others. They are the same kind of devices, with the same credentials and the same type of connection. For example: I can perfectly access the DC with my admin account but I can't access the Management Server. I can access my PC but not my notebook although all credentials are correct.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
As you also created a support ticket, we have replied on this by mail. You can found our answer below.


For Lansweeper to be able to successfully scan your Windows assets and retrieve data from the WMI-classes, the necessary requirements (e.g. correct scanning credentials, firewall settings that allow traffic, ...) need to have been met. The requirements for Windows assets can be found in the following articles: Domain, Workgroup.A list of the ports used by Lansweeper can be found here.

For the "Access denied" errors mentioned in your screenshot, it usually points to invalid credentials or credentials that lack administrative privileges but could be related to the machine's DCOM, firewall settings or corrupt WMI-classes as well. We recommend the following:

  • Verify the provided credentials are correct and allow WMI-traffic through your Windows firewall as described in this article.If you are using another firewall, we advice you to take a look at the specific documentation for your firewall.
  • Verify the firewall settings so that it allows traffic on the required ports
  • Run the script mentioned in this article (as administrator) on the client machine to reconfigure DCOM, Windows Firewall and other settings.

If all else fails, you can always scan your problem computer locally with our LsPush scanning agent instead. LsPush is immune to almost all scanning errors, including access denied and firewall errors. Scanning with LsPush is a guaranteed way to resolve the scanning error you are seeing. More info on LsPush can be found in this knowledge base article.