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New default dashboards in Cloud

Lansweeper released today the new Default Dashboards in the Cloud Product. We have designed five new boards that provide you with helpful information about your inventory.  What do you think about these new boards? We will be happy to hear your feedb...

Battery Status Reports

Hi Lansweeper Guru's,I am looking at a way of tracking our laptop battery status across the fleet of laptops (approx 350).What we are finding is the batteries are failing just after the warranty period etc. What I am looking to do is create a Lanswe...

TlbNlog table occupying huge space - Suggestion

Hi Team,I am technical back ground of MSSQL DBA. In one of our environment, lansweeper table TlbNlog is occupied of 320GB out of 380 GB total DB size. I am suspecting the purging is not happening. Lansweeper DB hosted on MSSQL Server enterprise editi...

Resolved! Completely Turn Off Auto-Generated Tickets from Emails

Hello,We're looking for a way to completely turn off the feature that auto generates tickets based on incoming emails. Previously we've got around this by not adding an incoming email server to the email settings. Unfortunately this band-aid solution...

tshaw by Engaged Sweeper
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The new forum is confusing. Please help me navigate it.

How do i search only in "Deployment Packages"How do i view the Most Viewed posts in "Deployment Packages"?Why, if i select "Deployment Packages" and then select most viewed, does it show me the most viewed posts overall and not in the community i sel...

ThoKl by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning target not scanning report assets

After update to, LanSweeper is not scanning all assets in a report at scheduled time. I have rebuilt the scanning target, tried disabling/reenabling, but still not scanning assets at scheduled time. Is there anything else to try?

zinger3031 by Engaged Sweeper II
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