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Engaged Sweeper
Hello, I just fired up a trial for Lansweeper. I'm trying a few of our remote sites first, based on IP range.

In this particular location almost all of the PCs are connected to Cisco VOIP phones. (The 'computer' port on the back of the phone) Lansweeper is having a hard time seeing these devices. I can see them in DHCP, but Lansweeper doesn't see them at all. I have at least one PC there not plugged into a phone, and I can see that one.
The phones have POE, and are on a separate VLAN.

Anyone run into this and know how I can get Lansweeper to see these devices?
Honored Sweeper
We had Cisco phones and our devices were plugged into the ethernet port on the phone and had no issues scanning them. Make sure that you can connect those PC's from the scanning server, make sure you can ping them and the DNS is correct. Most part make sure you have followed the scanning requirements correctly.
That is what catches most people out.
Engaged Sweeper III
Use the agent.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

To scan computers properly they need to meet specific scanning requirements, these can be found in the following section of the knowledge base:
One of the requirements is for example to have specific ports open to identify a computer correctly.

If these pc's will be only accessible "through" the phones, we assume that they will no longer meet the requirements as the required ports will be not accessible trough the phones. Lansweeper will scan VoIP Phones as a network device using one of the protocols mentioned in this KB article: these protocols are in most cases different to the ones used for Windows Computers.