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Ping specific IP

hey everyone, I am wanting to ping a specific IP address that does not have an agent. I have set it as an IP Range and set a single IP. My question is where can I find the results of this specific scan that I setup?The scan looks like it is running, ...

gflure by Engaged Sweeper
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Send users email about low disk space

Hello,Currently I have a report called; Workstations less than 10GB free disk spaceWhat this report does is scan all AssetMachines and reports what machine has less than 10% of disk space.What I am wanting to do is implement an email report but one t...

DontByteMe by Engaged Sweeper III
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Report export folder

Hello Community,Is there a way to change where the reports export to? currently it goes to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\export" but i would like it to go to a shared folder, I tried to do a mklink but even with everyone full control per...

rjackson by Engaged Sweeper
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iManage Client deployment

Does anyone have an iManage client deployment that works? It needs to input a user, organization and a serial number. It also ask you a question - imanage client or imanage client with email management, you have to check the box.I think this might be...

Lansweeper showing MAC address instead of name

Hi there,could anyone help me with this? After a recent update, Lansweeper sometime shows MAC address instead of the assets name. Like this:How can I resolve it? It's really annoying. edit:I've found out that if I edit the asset (but wont change anyt...

it9 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Custom OID Scanning / multible OIDs with wildcards

Hi there,I try to scan my HPE ILO interfaces to figure out if our Servers got one SSD HDD with foulty Firmware.But every Server got more ore less HDD. So is it possible to scan all OIDs below?In my case where I´m trieing:

sammy-m by Engaged Sweeper
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