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Engaged Sweeper

I'm trying to do a cloud only use case on Lansweeper for mobile and decentralised staff. Is there a way to link the LsAgent directly to the cloud console without having an on prem installation?

Engaged Sweeper II

No, but after you setup Lansweeper server and link it Cloud, your agents if not able to contact your server directly, will switch to contact Cloud, making it theoretically 'cloud only', with extra steps..

Link your Lansweeper with Cloud.
Install LsAgent on laptop, including server and agentkey in it.
LsAgent will try to connect to your local server and if not available will switch to Cloud and report every 60 minutes (lowest time window)
The following may be visible in log during installation and linkage to cloud

2020-05-13 17:16:01,155 [7] INFO  CreateReachableEndPoint for xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
2020-05-13 17:16:01,411 [7] DEBUG Creating InternalCommunicationSender to URL 
2020-05-13 23:01:31,886 [7] WARN  Connection to url https://ip.from.dns.server:9524/lsagent failed
2020-05-13 23:01:32,002 [7] INFO  Url Check with address failed. Endpoint with address '' was not reachable: Unable to resolve remote hostname: ''
2020-05-13 23:01:32,003 [7] WARN  Connection to url failed
2020-05-13 23:01:52,018 [7] INFO  Url Check with address failed. Endpoint with address 'http://ip.from.dns.server:9524/lsagent' was not reachable: Operation timeout
2020-05-13 23:01:52,019 [7] WARN  Connection to url http://ip.from.dns.server:9524/lsagent failed
2020-05-14 00:02:53,657 [7] DEBUG Created RelayCommunicationSender to URL 
2020-05-14 00:02:54,219 [7] DEBUG ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback
2020-05-14 00:02:54,610 [7] DEBUG Asset is enabled.
2020-05-14 00:02:54,610 [7] DEBUG Retrieving configuration...
2020-05-14 00:02:54,985 [7] DEBUG Updating local config
2020-05-14 00:02:54,985 [7] DEBUG Checking version.


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Our Lansweeper Cloud platform in AWS should not be confused with our relay server in Azure Cloud. The relay server in Azure Cloud will still transmit the data back down to a local on-prem scanning server after scanning the local client asset.

The local on-prem sync server will then push the data to our Lansweeper Cloud platform in AWS if your on-prem Lansweeper installation is linked with the Lansweeper Cloud platform in AWS.

Not quite "cloud-only" yet, but we are working on it.

Additionally, the minimum scan interval for LsAgent is set to 4 hours.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there,

Currently, Lsagent cannot report directly to a cloud site. It requires an on-prem installation.