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Engaged Sweeper II

Dear all,

We use NEC Handsets, and they were connected on VLAN1 and have previously been displaying data. Since changing to VLAN90 we can now only view some data but without the mac address and the connection to the the switch.

I have deleted the previous assets, rescan my switch, and my vlan90 without any result.

I have also use devicetester to find what is showing when my asset is under each vlan and it seems that on my VLAN1 is showing the MAC address but not when on VLAN90.

Is there any solution for this?



Engaged Sweeper II

Hi Erik,

Thank you for the info given. To deploy additional scanning servers for each vlan is not possible.

Please can you let me know which routes can i add to make this available?

May thanks,


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi there, 


Likely, the scanning server cannot read the MAC addresses from the ARP table in vlan90. You can either add routes to make this available but it might be easier to deploy an additional scanning server in vlan90 to scan these devices.

Set up an installation with multiple scanning servers

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