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Engaged Sweeper
I know I have once found the place to add an IP Location but for some reason I can't locate it any more. I have looked at Lan Sweeper from one side of the menu and even tried to search the Forums (for a change) but can't seem to locate it.
anybody have a road map for me????
Engaged Sweeper

The button shown simply does not exist, so i presume that I probably do not have permissions for what i have been told to do. thank you for linking a picture, it was helpful.

Engaged Sweeper II
LS version
Configuration > AssetGroups > IP Address Range locations

This is gonna sound stupid but WHAT configuration button? where is that button / menu i do not see it. Using Web GUI Version 

I need to add "IP locations" for about 200+ subnets and can't even find the menu feeling pretty stupid here.