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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, is there anyway to copy the IP Address Range locations i have defined into the scanning targets section?
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks Ill give that a go. Could we add the ability to do this as a feature request?
Champion Sweeper III
There is no immediate way to do this, but you could do the following:
  • Make a custom report (Reports -> Create New Report) using the query below.
  • Export the report as CSV.
  • Adjust the parameters and remove entries using Excell or similar.
  • Press the Import IP Ranges button underneath the scanning targets table on the Scanning -> Scanning Targets page.
  • Select the file you just exported & edited.

select Realstart AS [Start IP], Realend AS [End IP], IPLocation AS [Decription], 2 AS [Time-out], 0 AS [No Ping], 0 AS [No Windows], 0 AS [No SSH], 0 AS [Save Ping IP], 0 AS [Scan new Windows only], 22 AS [SSH Port], 5060 AS [SIP Port] from tsysIPLocations WHERE LocationID > 0