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Engaged Sweeper II
I can't figure out how Lansweeper is calculating SLA times. This post was helpful, but I feel like it's still not displaying correctly.

First, hours are set to business hours (not calendar)

For normal priority tickets, initial response time is 8 hours 30 minutes. That's one business day for us. I did this because when I had it set to "1 day" I think it would divide those 24 hours into 2+ "days" on the business clock. Is that the correct?

Another example...resolve time for low priority tickets is 30 days. 30 business days--which, doing the math is 10 (24 hour) days, and 15 hours. 30 * 8.5 = 255 hours.

Just trying to confirm that if the "Hours" option is set to Business, then the response and resolve times should be calculated using business hours, not 24 hours. It seems "1 day" = 24 hours regardless of whether business or calendar option is selected, and NOT "1 business day", correct? So if we only calculate SLAs during business hours, "1 day" should instead be "8 hours 30 minutes", right?

Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks, I guess we're going to have to keep monitoring...question: do tickets/SLA times get dynamically updated if the SLA configurations have changed, or are they locked in when the ticket is created?

Our "Important" tickets have a Response time of 8 hours 30 minutes (1 business day), and a Resolve time of 3 days 13 hours (85 hours is 10 business days). The hours option is set to Business, but we have an important ticket and the Resolve time on the All Tickets screen is 37d 15h 14m??
Champion Sweeper III
Using business hours an SLA of one day would indeed spread those hours over 2+ days (depending on whether this is before a weekend and how many work hours are in the following days).

The confusion might be because SLA is always displayed using calendar hours. In the previous example, the SLA will be calculated using 3 days of 8.30 work hours, and display an SLA of around 3 days. If instead calendar hours would have been used then the whole day would be used and the SLA would state 1 day. Both calendar and business hour SLA calculations will exclude non-workdays and just add those up to the grand total.

You can easily test this by creating a new ticket using an SLA with business hours, then changing the SLA to calendar hours and making a new ticket. Both should have quite a difference in SLA response time.