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Lsagent exclusion

Hi all,  We are starting to deploy Lsagent to a number of devices across our estates. If Lsagent is installed, is there anyway to then exclude the device from being included in other scanning that is scheduled, i.e AD, IP address range scanning? Than...

IanW by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Initial Agent email not going out?

Is anyone else having issues with the initial agent email being sent out from the Help Desk (the one that tells folk, "There's a new ticket out there that has been assigned to you with X priority")? All the other emails seem to be going through just ...

TomLonde by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Scanning Methods

Hi Folks,I would like to be able to scan the active directory user path at least once per hour (ideally every 30 minutes). At the moment, it looks like I can only set it up for once per day. Other than configuring multiple scan schedules for it, is...

Resolved! Does the LanSweeper organization collect our data?

While reading VMware ESXi End of Life - Lansweeper IT Asset Management at the bottom it says; "With the upcoming End of General Support for ESXi 6.5 and 6.7, our data team at Lansweeper decided to have a look at the current situation of ESXi installs...

Resolved! Trouble scanning SNMP

I am having troubles with Lansweeper scanning SNMP of our switches. We disabled v1/v2 in favor of v3. We configured v3 on the switches and tested using the Device Tester tool with success. I made sure that it responded to  OID as a ...

ABast by Engaged Sweeper II
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AssetGroups page is really very very slow

We use lasweeper as the dynamic inventory for ansible.It's great because any new asset is inventoried as soon as the scan is performed. We have around 800 assets and lot of groups (~600)The server have 8 CPUs and 12 GB of mémoryThe database is less t...

AtexoIT by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Setting up an installation with multiple scanning servers

Regarding the new license plans, is there still a limit to the number of scanning servers that can be installed?For example, I would like to use multiple scanning servers within one installation and now wonder if this is possible within the Pro Licen...

MG by Engaged Sweeper
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