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Engaged Sweeper

Currently, credential mapping is limited to 6 types (AWS Region, Azure, IP Address, IP Range, Windows Computer, Workgroup/Domain).
This can be very tedious for large networks with many vlans/subnets
It would be much easier for complex environments to be able to map a credential (ie SSH) to an asset group.
For example, lets say, for remote management controllers, a vlan of 10.X.10.X was standardized in a network for these type of devices.
A large network could have 254 entries (,…. just for RMC devices. To map a SSH credential to 254 address ranges is insufficient.
If I had a dynamic or static asset group containing ‘Remote Management Controllers’, I would be then be able to map a single credential for scanning.

Engaged Sweeper

When I scanned the Network some of the Assets were detected and shows an error, to edit the credentials, So I have created Credential Mapping and assigned it with the IP Range, But still, it shows the same error when I scan the network multiple times, Is there anything to resolve this issue.

Engaged Sweeper III

I also agree, the more flexible lansweeper is in its configuration, the more we can adapt it to complex infrastructures. as soon as a lot of IP ranges are handled, the slightest change is quickly tedious.

Engaged Sweeper II

I agree with this completely and would go a step further and say that I would like the ability to map both ways. Sometimes it makes sense to add credentials to a range, but oftentimes it makes more sense to map a credential to an asset group or asset type.

Engaged Sweeper

I too can appreciate this! We have so many VLANs and the same type of devices but different credentials based on VLAN etc would be good to see some more flexibility with mapping credentials.

Champion Sweeper

I agree, it would be great if Lansweeper had better granularity for assignment of credentials.

kshane, in the scenario above you could use a huge IP range ( - to map the credential. Unfortunately, as you may have discovered this requires enabling SSH scanning for all of the devices within that range, which may result in unnecessary login errors and potentially false-positives from an endpoint detection & response or intrusion detection system. The other option would be to painstakingly create individual mappings x254.

I love the idea of mapping credentials to an asset group. If Lansweeper is open to the idea, it would be nice to map credentials to an asset type as well.