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Increase App Deployment Names View

Surely this is a simple thing, however can we please increase the viewing length on the App Deployment page to see app names better if they are longer etc?For example, we prefix our names, application installs are prefixed APP.Package Name, Uninstall...

Resolved! LsPush on Lansweeper 7

Hi, i have upgraded my lansweeper installation 6 to the last v7; all good but suddenly my lspush v cannot comunicate with central server and this is the message that i receive if i start the lspush program with the /showresult param:6.0.10...

malvivent7 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Authorized Software by Version

Hi,I use the authorized software section of Lansweeper for some InfoSec reporting and have run into an issue when it comes down to software versions.I want to set all Adobe Reader DC versions to unauthorized except for the latest version, 2019.010.20...

Knowledgebase Article Formatting

I have tried different browsers but no matter what I do, formatting is often inconsistent using the editor. I can set a font type and size for an entire article and end up with some words the wrong size, but not all and some in different fonts, but a...

LSAgent and golden image

FYI when imaging computersLSAgent can be installed on the golden image. To make sure your imaged computers create a new record, delete the ini file in the LSAgent x86 program directory, and restart the Lansweeper agent service. This will then genera...

Lakatta by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Lansweeper installer to add or remove shares

I have shares occasionally created by software that I would like to manage and remove using a software deployment. I have the deployment process running right and have used it to update lansweeper itself now with success. Admittedly, I'm having tro...

DaveinJP by Engaged Sweeper III
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