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Engaged Sweeper
The issue I have is we have quite a few customers who have the same domain e.g. or lan.local some of these will have srv01 server or workstation01 etc which matches. This isn't or hasn't been an issue as these are separate businesses. However, if I want to use one Lansweeper server to keep track of these hosts to run reports. I can't as the asset conflicts. I can't see any documentation regarding the lsagent.ini however I'm aware of a forcescan option. So I wondered if there is an option of setting a prefix. This would allow seeing which asset is from which business/client. I was going to set a customer field and try to filter reports that way but a name prefix to the asset would work and allow for all the hosts to in added into one lansweeper server. I guess this wouldn't be possible?
Champion Sweeper III
My method for resolving these kind of conflicts has been to use Static Asset Groups.
Define a group name for the client, and when the LSAgent checks in, manually move it to that static group.

Bit of a hassle, but it works. Then you can filter and sort to your heart's content.