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WMI credentials error

Hi,We are getting error for WMI credentials for some machines in the network. I have gone thru the KB articles and checked every step (except taking the machine off the domain - which we cant do in the production environment). KB referred was ..1. ht...

tdtrivedi by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper to gather metrics option

When exactly did this option show up?"Allow Lansweeper to gather metrics"I just installed the latest updated and noticed it and before I could turn it off it gathered information without asking me.

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
  • 6 replies
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Scanning Target don't start on schedule (Automaticaly)

Hi Everyone ,I dont know why my scanning dosent lauch automatically at 12pm all day. Its working fine when i start the scan manually with SCAN NOW button.I try to delete & recreates the scanning target / change the targetIn server log i got this mes...

incentive by Engaged Sweeper
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Basic actions webconsole mac & linux

To be able to use the actions that the webconsole offers. Does it matter if you are using a mac, linux or windows machine?As in I have users that are running a Mac machine and is using the web console to do a ping. It hasn't worked so far.Are we boun...

arnfridur by Engaged Sweeper
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