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Engaged Sweeper
So, I've been looking at the custom OID scanning feature in Lansweeper and I can see it's something that has the potential to be useful.

Is it possible for Lansweeper to be given the OID of a table then have it walk through that table without having to put in the OID for each individual cell? An example would be the interface list on a switch with its port counters.

Engaged Sweeper II

I am curious about any progress on this. I use Ruckus SmartZone to control my wireless access points. SNMP is not enabled on the individual devices in this scenario, but data about all the devices is returned from SmartZone in a table. Lansweeper currently doesn't allow me access to this information as it does not support the tables.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Not at this moment. Currently, you have to provide an exact OID. But we are working on extending/improving it.