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Engaged Sweeper
I am trying to figure out how to develop a deployment package that would allow me to removed old versions of Citrix Receiver and install the appropriate version (4.7) dictated by our EMR service without requiring any user interaction on the target computers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Lansweeper Alumni
This question was also received via email, I've added our answer below for everyone else's benefit.

Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the creation of deployment packages as each package requires different commands for the software that has to be uninstalled/installed. This requires research to be done so that the correct commands/parameters/steps are added to a package. However, we first of all recommend the following steps:
Before being able to deploy a package you must make sure that the requirements to deploy a package are met. You can find these requirements in this knowledge base article:
For creating a package within Lansweeper we would refer you to this article:
And for the process of deploying the actual process you can find the information required here:

When creating a deployment package you will need to use certain commands/parameters to install the software of your choosing silently. Software that use an MSI installer will use the same parameters which can be found in the link below. However, exe installers can have custom parameters added by the software developers. For these installers it will almost always be required to lookup online what the commands are that the installer used. In certain cases it may be required to contact them for information on the parameters that can be used.

We had a look ourselves online for the commands that the Citrix Receiver installer may used and found an article from Citrix that listed these. We have added the article below.
MSI parameters:
Configure and install Citrix Receiver for Windows using command-line parameters: