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Engaged Sweeper
We are planning to upgrade Lansweeper from version to the current build of version 6.

We use Scope4Mation's Datamanager to get information from the Lansweeper database and check agains our TOPdesk CMDB (and allows us to update TOPdesk via workflow). This check is done on a database level, the Lansweeperdatabase is connected to in read-only mode.

To be able to determine the impact of an upgrade we need to know:

- if any of the existing tables and columns are changed
- what happens to the reportnames (which are stored as SQL views, like web50rep9fcde45aa64c4088874deaf7d4bb9850). Do they stay the same, do they change?
-Other changes

Any and or all information is greatly appreciated!
Lansweeper Alumni
Between version and the latest Lansweeper version,, there have been quite a lot of changes to the database. For the helpdesk module and knowledgebase feature many "htbl" tables were added. Some tables were also added to accommodate new scanned data and some slight changes were made in existing tables. Unfortunately though we don't keep a detailed schema change log, so we can't specify exactly which changes were made to the database.

You could install the latest Lansweeper version on a test machine and pull all the tables, and pull all the tables from your 5.3 installation and then run them through a diffchecker for instance. That should provide you with the specifics.

Regarding custom reports, no changes will happen to these upon upgrading, these views will remain the same.

Regarding the changes to functionalities between the two version, you can consult our change log here. The greatest amount of changes will be between the last 5.x version and the first publicly released 6.x version (