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Engaged Sweeper
Hi All,

I was wondering if there is any clever way of scanning assets in the DMZ. I'm not keen on opening up the DMZ. Perhaps an agent or another appliance installed in the DMZ that can scan all assets within the zone that would just report back to the main server?

Many thanks
Champion Sweeper II
I also do this. if you dont want to scan from can email the results direct to yourself and import them.
see my post

Champion Sweeper II
If you are talking about scanning all devices in a DMZ (aka not just Windows devices), you would need to set up an additional Lansweeper scan server within the DMZ, and then make the appropriate firewall adjustments to allow that server to communicate to the SQL server which hosts your Lansweeper database.

If you are only interested in Windows devices, there is an agent that can be installed which essentially gathers information, uploads it to a cloud based repository, and then your local Lansweeper instance synchronizes that data.