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Engaged Sweeper II


There are a lot of duplicates in my environment and based on what I read on the community and different input, this issues might relate to the following:

- Problems at scanning. However, servers should have been merged to only one, based on the last findings, if the unique ID was ok. Is this understanding correct?

- MAC addresses and/or IP addresses changed.

- automatic assignment of MAC address on the VMWare environment. Can this be a source of problems?

For example I have 1 ESXi server, that is doubled. The name is the same for the same 2 entries, however, both the MAC and IP are different. In other situations, for a pair of servers, that have the same name: they have the same IP, but one of them has a MAC address and the other does not. And so it goes.

Where should we look into? Should we send an e-mail to support? Because until now, no one has been able to figure it out...

Thank you,


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


If the unique key of the asset being scanned matches the unique key of an asset already present in the database, the existing asset page is updated with information pulled from the asset being scanned. If the unique key of the asset being scanned does not match any unique key already present in the database, a new asset page is generated for the asset being scanned.

More information on how Lansweeper uniquely identifies assets can be found in How Lansweeper uniquely identifies assets 

The VMWare severs should be all scanned successfully and if the unique id is matching these will be merged into one asset in the database. 

The duplication could also be created if a device is being targeted by different scanning targets and only one of these scanning targets has the required credentials to successfully scan the device.

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