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Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Friday Lansweeper Community!

Please join me in recognising a community member who recently earned the Honorary Sweeper rank(the second person to earn this rank since the launch of our community in 2022)🎉

Congratulations  @Mister_Nobody 👏 About Mister_Nobody - Lansweeper Community

We are pleased to recognise your product expertise and commitment to helping others in the community: Popular posts by this member include Solved: LS ignores windows credentials fallback in IP mapp... - Lansweeper Community - 71101, Solved: Re: List of users on Linux servers - Lansweeper Community - 71644 and this thread on how to wite a report to list every compute and its specific AD group membership  So far this member has received a whooping 100 kudos and 27 badges 

Great work and thank you for your positive contributions to the Lansweeper Community! 

Learn more our community ranks here  How does the Ranking system work? - Lansweeper Community - 232

Champion Sweeper III

Congratulations @Mister_Nobody . I too have enjoyed your solutions and posts. Makes my LS experience better.

Champion Sweeper III

Well deserved- your posts are most appreciated!

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Congrats @Mister_Nobody ! Keep sharing your valuable insights and knowledge!

Honored Sweeper

Some info about me.

I have been a user of LS since 2008. The first version was 3.5, but it didn't support unicode. Starting with the 4.0 beta version, Unicode is supported and this solved the problems with supporting different languages. During  using LS I have reported more than a hundred bugs and wishes to the support team. Most of the wishes were implemented in LS, for example, support for scanning serial numbers of Acer monitors, additional attributes for AD, MS Exchange, Linux and VMware vSphere.
I was one of the first customers in my country. I bought for my employers or recommended to buy LS to about 10 companies. In some companies I installed a free or trial version.
The most valuable use of LS for me is security auditing. With LS I know who is the administrator of local machines and AD, registry key values, user membership in an AD group, shares, network connections and many other objects.
In 15 years of use, I have created about 400 of my own custom reports and increased my SQL knowledge. Also hundreds of reports have been modified from the LS report library.
P. S. Please don't forget to improve the on-premise version. Cloud is good, but devices are located on earth infrastructure.

Champion Sweeper II

Congrats @Mister_Nobody 

Honored Sweeper

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Well deserved @Mister_Nobody 👏

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