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Engaged Sweeper

A few days ago several duplicate assets started appearing in a scan by ip range. One of the assets appears as a windows type while the other as an EC2 and at the same time both have the same IP.

What could be the reasons why this is happening with certain type of assets?







Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

First, we would like to clarify that Lansweeper cannot merge these assets based on having the same IP address, as these asset types have very different unique identifiers. More information on how we uniquely identify assets can be found here:

When do we create a Windows asset?

Lansweeper goes through a complex algorithm to determine the correct asset type of an asset. Windows computers get initially identified as such by an open TCP port 135. Additionally, the NetBIOS name and the domain name of the asset are retrieved. Lansweeper has multiple methods to determine the NetBIOS name of computers, including NetBIOS retrieval over port 139 or 445. Lansweeper also checks the operatingSystem attributes in Active Directory to try and determine whether a device is Windows or non-Windows. If this attribute is blank or includes the words "Windows" or "Hyper", the asset is deemed to be a Windows computer.

Why duplicates?

The Windows asset is not successfully scanned, so we do not have enough data to correctly merge these assets. We suspect that when the Windows asset in question is successfully scanned, the duplicates will merge correctly though. 

While the above might provide some insight into how our scanning routine works, we would recommend contacting our support team to assist you with this scanning issue: