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Engaged Sweeper II
Anyone have any success embedding the Lansweeper Helpdesk screen into a SharePoint page?

We're using SharePoint 2010 Standard for our corporate Intranet, and we'd love to be able to embed the Lansweeper Helpdesk page into a SharePoint page to maintain a consistent "captive" look and feel.

I have been able to successfully get it to embed using several methods, but it never displays the page fully or correctly.

If I insert a Page Viewer Web Part, it displays the Lansweeper page horizontally perfectly, but the vertical window is only about 1-2 inches high. If I manually define the height, the results vary depending on the resolution of the monitor I'm using. If it is a large, high-resolution monitor at fullscreen, everything looks great. But when I Window it, the scrollbars start getting funky. This seems to be a symptom of iFrames (which I'm assuming it's using.)

It would be SO WONDERFUL if LanSweeper existed as a SharePoint add-in Web Part.

Champion Sweeper III
I would love to see it in reverse so I could pull some sharepoint info onto my LS dashboards!
Engaged Sweeper
This seems to have been forgotten about, but If anyone has a solution to this I'd love to hear it. This implementation would be incredibly useful.

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