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Engaged Sweeper II

I have trying to add exe files into the file scanning, since we would like to collect/make a "Product Family" based on "Product Name" in the exe file, but it looks like Lansweeper don´t collect that information?

So my question are now; is it correct what I´m saying, and are their any plans for doing this in the future 🙂

Do you have any suggestion on have we could do it
The issues using installed software are that Adobe and other vendors are changing the product name and sometimes also include version in the software name.

Best regards

Henrik Hansen
Lansweeper Alumni
When using custom file scanning, the file properties of the file in question are gathered and stored in your Lansweeper database. This data includes the version of the file, its size, the vendor and creation, access and modification dates. Additional information regarding the file cannot be gathered through this method unfortunately.

You may have more luck using custom registry scanning instead, as you may be able to find the specific fields you're looking for in the registry.