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Engaged Sweeper III

Hello all,

I am trying to get our new Lansweeper installation up and running, but I'm having issues with the scan queue. It seems assets are stuck being scanned and are never finishing. The queue is up to 68,000 targets and this fills up FAST even when I clear the queue. Sometimes when I clear the queue, there are assets still stuck in scanning and I have to restart the service. The scan is supposed to do 20 assets at a time, but instead it keeps scanning 30 at once. This shouldn't really be an issue with a higher target amount, but the problem is the same 30 are stuck in the queue and never complete for hours. Scheduled scans then pile up in back of them. I took screenshots just to make sure that the scans weren't actually completing after checking back a few hours later and they are in fact "stuck."

There's no way for others to see the scan time on assets and I can only generate reports of when the assets fail to scan, but if the scan never completes, no report is generated. It doesn't look like anything is timing out either. At this rate nothing is being scanned at all. Would be nice to have options to see the current scan time for assets in the queue as well as total time it takes to scan an asset, not just "last scanned" and "last successful". Seeing information for post-scan does nothing for things currently being scanned.

What could be the issue that scans are stuck, not timing out (I don't see a timeout option in Configuration > Server options), and the queue piling up?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


Have a look at this post: 
Seeing your scanning queue stuck at the same asset?



Engaged Sweeper III

Seen that post while searching the forums for similar issues. Performance Scanning is already disabled. The scans aren't completing or failing so I'm not getting any errors at all let alone anything related to WMI so I don't know if that is the issue or not.