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Engaged Sweeper II
Unfortunately Yealink removed SNMP from their VOIP phones sometime in the distant past. Out of the box, Yealink phones show up in Lansweeper as a webserver with the hostname set to the model number of the phone. Could be worse, but it’s not great if you need uniquely identify hundreds of phones. You can improve this by changing some settings on the phones. Read more here: https://ethanthekiwi.wordpress.com/2020/05/23/lansweeper-scan-yealink-voip-phones/

Engaged Sweeper II

Is this still the case with new Yealink Teams phones? 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi @sqldba01 

To maximize information retrieval from VoIP phones, the SNMP protocol would be ideal. However, since SNMP is unavailable on these devices, the SIP protocol is a viable alternative when enabled. SIP helps identify devices as VoIP phones and provides basic information. For SIP protocol activation, refer to your Yealink device documentation.

To check available ports on your VoIP phones, use the devicetester.exe tool, located in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions directory on your Lansweeper server. Execute the tool from your Lansweeper scanning server, targeting the IP address of your VoIP phone, and input your scanning credentials.

Typically, the default SIP port is 5060, but it may vary to 5065 or 5160, as suggested by forum discussions about these phones. If your VoIP phones use alternate ports, adjust the SIP port settings in your IP scanning targets accordingly. Additionally, some users report that for certain firmware versions, a configuration parameter 'accountX.sip_trust_ctrl' must be disabled (set to 0) to access the SIP protocol.

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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi ethanthekiwi,

Thank you for sharing this. This will be usefull to other people using the Yealink VOIP phones.

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