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Engaged Sweeper
OK so in my environment I have setup 2 outgoing email templates to email agents when a ticket has closed as I close out anything that has been resolved for over 7 days. I also have an outgoing email that gets sent to the user when a ticket state is set to resolved. For a while now I thought there some some problem with my second outgoing email template as I was not getting any note being added to history in the ticket, either in the chain of notes or in the actual history tab.
I set the outgoing email template to go to the agent (Me) and manually changed states on a ticket that I had to open and then back to resolved. I was surprised that I got the email so it appears to work ok as far as sending the emails. However it is not writing notes to the ticket history or the notes chain at all... This is a checkbox on the outgoing template email so I am unsure why this would not work as intended. I checked my other outgoing email template and on the auto closed tickets its also not writing the notes when the outgoing email is sent. I have attached a picture here to the option I am referring to.

Also with outgoing emails like this you have to use a different style of auto filled in stuff example is %AGENTNAME% vs [agentname]. This comes off as kinda odd why this is not consistent throughout the program as this is one way in one template and different in another??

Is something just not setup correctly or is this some bug in the software? We are currently running on a windows 2013 server using Microsoft SQL as the database back-end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Engaged Sweeper
So after talking to support about this it seams this button does not do what I thought it does. What it does is add the full ticket history to the email that it is supposed to send out. I still have issues with getting that to fire out to users but there currently is no way to add a note into the ticket when an email is auto sent to a user. They did add it to the wish list so maybe in the future we can get something like that. Honestly with working with other helpdesk software all of them pretty much do this so I would hope it gets added.