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Engaged Sweeper III
We run reports in Lansweeper and the most annoying thing is that they all seem to default to 250 results. That takes extra time to go in the upper right and change it to ALL. Even 500 would show all of the assets I'm looking at.

A perfect example would be the Microsoft Patch Tuesday reports. Why can't they just show 500, 1000 or all even? Its so frustrating. Can anyone show me how to change this default value? I haven't found a way yet. We do run our DB on SQL server so if its a setting I can use SQL MGMT studio for, or maybe its something coded in an aspx file somewhere, let me know, I'm open to all options to get this default value changed.

Champion Sweeper III

I don't know if this may help you, but you can create a dashboard showing reports you often use, and there you can set a limit on the records to be shown. Eg.:



Hi, that was nice, thank you.

It took a while before I got to your screenprint, so here for those who like to know:
Dashboard page-> Add new tab -> select the one frame box in the left-top layout section -> drag "Data report" from the widgets list to the blank space below -> Choose your report, blank the Height field for full browser screen and enter a value for Limit results (like 500 or 1000),

Engaged Sweeper

Hello at Lansweeper,


I too would very much like to see an option to increase the default amount of lines returned in reports.
And also I would like to change that to 500 if possible.
I'm in the middle of an udate process where I investigate agents frequently and I had to change that value dozens of times in the last few days.

Thank you