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Engaged Sweeper II

Ever since we upgraded to 11.x I have noticed that the images from the helpdesk are not fully displaying like how they did in 10.x and previous versions. At times if it's just one image then it maybe will display but more often than not it does not and it truncates each image. This is very annoying for end users who sometimes do not want to go to the actual helpdesk to view tickets and prefer to respond to the tickets from their email.

It's easier to show rather than try to explain it. 

This is what an image looks like from email:


This is the full image in the ticket system:


Our server has all LS features on one server, and we have not made any major settings changes from 10.6.x

We use M365. 


Engaged Sweeper

We are having this same issue. Among other things with the drop downs and close window being small. I hope they do get a fix going in the next update.

Engaged Sweeper II

Just in the event that anyone else sees this it's a known issue and a future Lansweeper update should resolve this issue (LAN-15869). 

Before LS support answered my ticket I spent an hour or two trying to make this work and discovered a few things:

No matter what browser I use I can't see full images from helpdesk emails via any Web Browser on my PC. I tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge. I primarily use Outlook on the Web. If I log in as another user on the same ticket it does not work for them either from my PC. But other users in my org see them fine on the same OS (Win 11) and Web browser version without any extensions enabled. I do see full images with mobile Outlook app and the desktop Outlook. I primarily use Edge and Safe Mode/InPrivate mode does not work either.