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Resolution Report

Is there a report that can be generated to identify the resolution by problem? Such as printer, phone, workstation, etc?

Docs - possible to link to Onedrive?

We use OneDrive to store our documentation, but I'd like to start linking Docs against our servers and other assets. However for versioning purposes, it seems to make more sense to keep OneDrive as the primary source. Is there anyway to do this by ...

BenH_UK by Engaged Sweeper II
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Delete wrong note from ticket

Hello, can someone tell me what's the correct table I have to operate to for cleaning some system notes?We inserted a wronkg email address and now we have a lot of system notes like this:"An error occurred when trying to mail the previous note.The fo...

ufficioced by Champion Sweeper
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LsAgent not sending AssetID?

I've run into an issue getting new LsAgent scans to show up on our server. It picks up scans for already existing assets, but not for new ones.The client logs say the scans are sending fine, but the server never receives them. The server log says thi...

sgoff by Engaged Sweeper
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MAC OS X - latest patches

Does anyone know how to check whether macOS has been updated with latest patches?We have scanned all Macs in our business and they are only showing the basic details with no software or reports tab like in windows client scans.

ETars2022 by Engaged Sweeper
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Edit Fields - Mass Edit from Report Menu

Currently, the only way to edit/update fields for more than one asset at a time is from the asset view. Unfortunately this is very difficult and time consuming if there is specific criteria for mass update. I would like to see the “Edit Fields” & “Ma...

kshane by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Reports - in depth

Hi all,I've been asked to make a custom report thatNumber of tickets with assets attachedWhat departments are getting the most ticketsThe ability to include 2 custom fields named 'Work Centre' & 'Current Fault'Very inexperienced with SQL database so ...