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Engaged Sweeper
Attempting to Install LS Ultimate on a server that currently has a Trial install in place. When performing the install, I am doing a new install and not an upgrade however I am not updating the database service. I am attempting to point that new install to the trail version's database. When the install is done, the web console comes up and the scripts attempt top run but do not move forward. I pointed to the localhost in the database config. When I do that I get a new error or lansweeperwebuser account is wrong but that account has never been touched. Does anyone have any insight to this? Suggestion, etc?

Any suggestions would help...
Lansweeper Alumni
For future reference, if you've already installed Lansweeper, to run a trial, you can simply apply your Ultimate license to active your new asset limit and all features: https://www.lansweeper.com/knowledgebase/applying-your-license/

Since you've performed a new installation without a new database, the Lansweeperuser password configured for your scanning and web service will not match the password configured for this user in your database. Following the steps in the article below should resolve the issue.