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Champion Sweeper II
I have a server that has 2 network cards and thus 2 IPs.
When lansweeper picks the IP to show , it picks the wrong one and thus the IP LOCATION in lansweeper ends up not going where I want (ie Undefined)
Is there any way to fix this?

Lansweeper Alumni
The "main" IP of an asset is the IP through which the asset was last successfully scanned. For assets information added through an LsPush import, the IP of the interface first in the binding order is likely listed as the main IP. You could try modifying the binding order as this could resolve the issue.
Champion Sweeper II
I didnt see a Lock for that part. but I can try again.
For those servers though they are on a unscannable dmz so I actually have it emailing me the lspush file
Engaged Sweeper III
You could edit the asset, add the correct "Location" and then make sure "Lock against scanning" is checked.