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Engaged Sweeper
It appears that with Microsoft's release of KB4532695 (and others), the report for the Jan2020 Patch Tuesday now shows systems as being out of date. On at least a couple of systems KB4528760 is removed when KB4532695 is installed (MS says that 695 supersedes 760).

I'd like to continue to use the Patch Tuesday report, is there a way I can fix it so that it doesn't flag systems that have 695 as being out of date?

Thank you
Engaged Sweeper II
ok , Tanx Norman, I will add them today and check for the results.

I will reply with result later today or tomorrow


Engaged Sweeper
Just go into the report editor and add the new KB's into it. I had to do the same thing with mine. Don't remove the old one though, as the subsequent one doesn't ALWAYS get installed.. So basically, you are telling the report to look for either / or of the updates installed.
Engaged Sweeper II
Facing the same issue here
Engaged Sweeper
I would also love to get an updated version of this.
Engaged Sweeper
Facing the same issue here. I guess that's what happens when MS releases more than 1 cumulative update package a month. I guess I/you could update the script to look for the new KB numbers but that takes quite a bit of time and effort, time which I don't have 🙂

Maybe Lansweeper can provide updates reports whenever MS releases new patches?