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Engaged Sweeper II
We have an active license for LS6 through April 2019 but are being told that we must now pay more money for LS 7 in order to continue to scan VMware hosts. I would be happy to stick with version 6 but I am told that it will not get updates once version 7 is generally released.

Please tell me I am missing something.
Champion Sweeper II
if you were in version7 , make sure it is updated.
looks like they fixed that 'whoops'

Fixed: LAN-1675 When using certain Lansweeper licenses and updating to Lansweeper 7.0, some previously scanned ESX/VMware server data is hidden from view

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
You should still be able to scan ESXi hosts directly in Lansweeper 7, similar to how it worked in LS6. If you update to LS7, even if you have a legacy license, you should still have the same data as in LS6.

Updates to Lansweeper will always be available to everyone. However, the new features will only be accessible to asset-limited licenses.