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Engaged Sweeper

I work for a company called Ibis Networks, we sell and install plug load management systems, (for the most part we stay away from computers and focus on peripherals, monitors, printers, space heaters etc).

A client has asked us about using our system in parallel to lansweeper,

If we are mainly looking at network printers and not windows based equipment are there any issues that would be created with the lansweeper suite, we would be cutting power to devices based on a schedules and in some cases load sensing.

thanks in advance for your information.

Eoin Ohalloran
Engaged Sweeper
Thank you very much for your reply
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Cutting power or load sensing and really anything else should not cause any issues. If you want your assets to be scanned or updates, you only need to make sure that the required ports are open and the correct credentials entered in Lansweeper.

If for any reason assets can't be scanned during an attempt (thinking of the power cuts) this is no problem. Lansweeper will not change any of the data unless a successful scan took place.