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LsAgent not autoupdating

LsAgent doesn't seem to be auto updating in our computers. It is on version when the latest is there anything that needs to be done? any logs to check?Thanks!

WANOLOIS by Engaged Sweeper II
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Auto refresh clients IP

Hello,Is it possible to autorefresh client ip information in Lansweeper?Maybe Lansweeper server will query DNS record from DNS server, or by sending only name-ip informationby LS Agent every 1 min?We have number of clients working from VPN and need t...

aleksandr by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows Asset scanned 2 Times with different IP

Hi,we have noticed that lansweeper scans duplicate assets:once by correctly entering the Windows asset information and again as a Webserver with a different IP address.We noticed that the different IP addresses are actually related to the different n...

tdizerens by Engaged Sweeper
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User's Assigned Assets

What happened to the user account view that listed their assigned assets? I can't find that anywhere. If I go to an asset I can see who it's assigned to and if I go to the user I can see the last device they logged into, but that only applies to Wind...

KnowBe4 Second Chance

I am looking for some assistance with installing KnowBe4's Second Chance client. This package requires a license key to be installed. I have tried creating a deployment package using their "suggestions" but have not been successful. I am not real "fl...

Toner Reporting only working on some printers

Not sure how to get things to work for Toner/Ink reporting for all our printers. One of the printers, the HP All-In-One is only a year old, so I'm lost as to why only one printer, the oldest, works.We have 4 printers, Canon, Xerox, HP, and Brother. O...

jfreak53 by Engaged Sweeper
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tblkeyboard is duplicating devices/assets

Hi All,I've found out a tblkeyboard, which works very well gathering our keyboard layout language code, but when I get the table added to the query, the same workstation is listed twice or 3 times in the report, it would be possible to prevent assets...