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Engaged Sweeper II
Hello Team,
I'm studying the use of Lansweeper to manage the documentation on the Servers that I installed in my company.
The functions I would need are:
  • Monitoring and autodiscovery of sites published via IIS or other Web Servers (tomcat, xamp, etc.).
  • View a document directly from the asset page.
  • View a critical list of all services/process that we need to check in case of a server reboot.

Thx in advance for you reply.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper can scan any web server, however which websites that are hosted on the web server that Lansweeper will scan depends on the following:
  • If each website has a different IP address:
    Lansweeper will scan each website individually instead of scanning the webserver and create an asset for each website

  • If each website has the same IP address but use different ports:
    Lansweeper will scan only the websites that are using port 80 and 443
This is assuming that WMI SNMP and SSH are disabled on the web server and that the webservers are not in the same subnet as the scanning server. As a result there is no MAC address and the only protocols that are then used to scan are HTTP, HTTPS and sometimes FTP or SMTP.

For viewing documents, you can add a document to an asset. However you won't be able to view it without downloading the document again first. The only alternative would be to put the content of your document in a helpdesk ticket and link that to your asset. That way you can navigate from your asset to the ticket that holds the information.

Both services and processes are scanned, so that's no problem.