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Engaged Sweeper
Hi All

I'm looking for a bit of advice!

We currently run a 121 device scheme in school and we wanted to use the ticket and reporting system for logging all the repairs that have been done to the devices to help us keep track.

I also want to design a report that pulls the information from the tickets to get an easy understanding of the types of issues being reported and their frequency.

I have created a ticket that can be logged containing all the relevant information. We also want create a set of quick notes to quickly update the ticket for consistency, we want to specify certain fields within the notes section. Is this possible to design a template for the notes section?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks Esben.D, i will take a look.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
For ticket templates, this should work fine:

As for the report, I would suggest taking a look at the built-in reports and the database documentation. Maybe there is something on the forum too that is near what your trying to get.