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Scanning Released

Hi everyone, The scanning menu has now been enabled for all cloud sites. This means that you can now view all of your scanning configurations straight from the cloud. Check the status of all scanservers linked to your site at a glance both from the...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Database compatibility mode

We recently migrated our Lansweeper database from SQL Server 2012 to a new server with SQL Server 2017. The database was first created on the SQL 2012 server and therefore was automatically assigned a database compatibility mode setting of 110 (the...

Resolved! Installs Failing

Whenever I try to install msi or exe files, this syntax error appears.Result: Deployment ended: Incorrect function. There is no 'Next' step available at the end of the package. Please adjust accordingly. Credential: (XXXXXX). ShareCredential: (XXXXXX...

marcosmm by Engaged Sweeper
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Hosting Lansweeper on a cloud server

Hi! Would you be able to install Lansweeper on a cloud server and manually add assets? We have external people who need to access the helpdesk and we don't want to deal with port forwarding.Thanks!

lwintour by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Table purge

Is there a way to delete table entries that are newer than X day?truncate table tblntlogeventwhere date = X Something like this.

eXPlosion by Engaged Sweeper
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Cisco UCS Chassis

Hello. I am trying to inventory my Cisco UCS Chassis. I need to have the chassis, interconnects, and servers all identified. Has anyone done this? If so, how?Thanks

dlafleur by Engaged Sweeper II
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About the Integrate category

Welcome to the Integrate category. Integrating with other products and services has been an important part for Lansweeper users. With the addition of an asset API in the Lansweeper IT Asset Data Platform, not only will you be able to easier connect ...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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